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The Better Clean Team is ready to clean your showroom like never before. Increase your sales with a showroom that not only looks spectacularly clean but also hygienic.

It’s important for the safety and well-being of your team and customers to have your showroom cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Make a memorable first impression with a germ-free sparkling floor

The Better Clean Team takes pride in giving your clients an experience that impacts them from the moment they walk in the door. Allowing your team to deliver a welcome your potential clients deserve, while improving productivity and achieving your company goals.

Get a showstopping appearance to your sales office by getting our professional cleaners in to do what they do best!

The Better Cleaning Team offers comprehensive cleaning packages. Our highly trained cleaners utilise the industry’s best machinery and equipment, and we cover all touchpoints, High surfaces, countertops, Keyboards, and glass – all of which can carry and spread germs and bacteria.

better cleaning team


Every clean is better than the last – our one mandate is to make it the best clean you have had so far.

We Always...

Promise our best work every clean

Hire only the best cleaners

Have over 50 combined years of experience cleaning

Use ecofriendly and sustainable work practices

We Never...

Subcontract out our work

Cut corners

Add charges later

Let our work slip over time


Our qualified team can eliminate the risk and spread of viruses and use approved eco-friendly products. Put on display a Disinfection certificate that will put your staff and customers’ minds at ease knowing you are doing your part to keep our region safe.

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