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The Better Clean Team understands that different businesses have varied working hours, so we schedule our cleaning services to suit you. Your office shouldn’t have to stop because it needs to be cleaned. Our team not only will we avoid disrupting your work, but your team will also be happier, knowing that they don’t need to vacuum the carpets or take out the rubbish before they leave.

Give your team and clients a healthier environment to shine

Every commercial building needs to be safe and germ-free. The Better Clean Team can help you maintain a clean workspace for your team. By engaging us, you can focus on the important work or product your company delivers each day, without worrying about the state of the warehouse or the demountable. Let our cleaners take care of the dirty work for you.

Your work environment reflects your business, it gives clients, visitors an indication the type of operation you run

From the moment a client enters your place of business you are on display and the way you maintain your working environment can directly affect the attitude of not only your clients but the team you employ to deliver a product or service. 

The Better Cleaning Team offers comprehensive cleaning packages based on your workplace and industry standards.

better cleaning team


Every clean is better than the last – our one mandate is to make it the best clean you have had so far.

We Always...

Promise our best work every clean

Hire only the best cleaners

Have over 50 combined years of experience cleaning

Use ecofriendly and sustainable work practices

We Never...

Subcontract out our work

Cut corners

Add charges later

Let our work slip over time


With our wide range of services we offer, The Better Clean Team can let you get back to what you do best and let us take care of the rest.

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