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Traditionally a  builders’ clean was cheap, quick, and relatively simple and usually done by the builder as they did a handover of the property.  Now clients are highly involved and expect a very highly detailed clean. So simply removing protective coverings, vacuuming the joinery, tidying the floors, and wiping the bench tops are not going to get you that final payment.

Give your clients the level of customer service they deserve

Today, a builders’ clean is a complete presentation of the project, your client expects and will demand that everything be perfect. It involves cleaning everything from joinery, kitchens, and wet areas… down to every door, window, frame, architrave, skirt, switch, termination, and handle.

There are a few components to a successful Builders Clean

Construction Clean This is a quick site clean-up. Often used when bringing the client onsite for a building milestone like the lockup stage or for a progress payment. We come in, pick up rubbish, sweep/vacuum, wipe surfaces and tidy up around the surrounding site.

Pre-Finishings, Clean We clean wet areas, the kitchen and remove all dust, and residue from all covering, and joinery, and uncover any defects that may have been hidden. This gives your caulking team a clean run. While this is an added expense to the project, it does produce the best results by minimising contaminates that could affect the silicone and other touch-ups. 

Completion Clean This is a complete clean of your project. This involves removing all protective covers and cleaning every nook and crevice in the kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, bedrooms, joinery, floors, walls, skirtings, windows, and window frames. This is normally tailored to the many different types of projects and client demands.

Handover Clean Normally quick tidying up after defects. After the builders clean it is common for some minor defects to be identified, which causes a small amount of mess. This cleaning is the only way to ensure the project is perfect for the client handover.

The Better Clean Team is focused on providing a solution to meet your project’s needs.

better cleaning team


Every clean is better than the last – our one mandate is to make it the best clean you have had so far.

We Always...

Promise our best work every clean

Hire only the best cleaners

Have over 50 combined years of experience cleaning

Use ecofriendly and sustainable work practices

We Never...

Subcontract out our work

Cut corners

Add charges later

Let our work slip over time


The Builders’ clean is the most important part of the entire build. It is crucial for a successful handover to have everything looking its best. After all, the client has paid good money for their new home or renovation. They want the property “ready to go”, with nothing to do except move in.

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