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Alleviate your end-of-lease stress and worry with our thorough bond cleaning services, customised to your specific requirements, guaranteeing a high level cleaned property and a smooth bond return.

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Flexible Cleaning Packages Tailored to Your Needs

Experience - we know what the agent wants to see and how to get that result every time - bond cleaning services that perfectly aligns with your end-of-lease requirements, ensuring bond return every time.

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24-Hour Quote Guarantee

Speedy and efficient, we provide detailed quotes within 24 hours, so you can make an informed decision without delay. AND we will NEVER let you down

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our dedication to superior bond cleaning services means we won't stop until you're entirely satisfied. Your peace of mind at lease end is our utmost priority.

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Reliable and Punctual Professionals

Rely on our dependable team that values punctuality and consistency, ensuring your property is spotless and ready for inspection, on time, every time.

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Expertly Trained Cleaners

Our highly skilled and rigorously trained cleaning specialists take pride in their work, never compromising on quality or outsourcing tasks.

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A Decade of Flawless Service

With an impressive 10-year track record of never missing a clean, you can rely on The Better Clean Team to never let you down.

Your Trusted Partner in Bond Cleaning Services

Navigating the end of a lease can be a stressful time as a tenant. The uncertainty surrounding the return of the bond, often due to concerns about end-of-tenancy cleaning, can significantly contribute to this anxiety.

Ease Your
End-of-Lease Worries

The cleanliness of a property at the end of a lease can make or break the bond return process. If property owners or real estate agents find the cleaning inadequate, they may request a re-clean, adding to the stress and workload of the departing tenants. In fact, research indicates that about 56% of cleaning disputes arise from insufficient bond cleaning at the end of a lease.

Specialists in
End-of-Lease Cleaning

The Better Clean Team are specialists in end-of-lease cleaning. We are committed to achieving results that meet the highest industry standards. Our team is dedicated, hardworking, and our scheduling systems are second to none. You can rely on us to complete the job on time, leaving no stone unpolished.

Attention to Detail for
a Successful Bond Return

Securing your bond return requires meticulous attention to detail. That’s where The Better Clean Team comes in. We offer comprehensive bond cleaning packages tailored to your specific needs and aligned with industry standards. Our thorough and superior bond cleaning service ensures that you can return your keys with confidence, knowing that every corner of your property shines.


Secure Your Bond with a Spotless Clean: Take Advantage of Our Special Offer Today

We understand how crucial securing your bond return is to you, and we’re here to ensure a smooth transition with The Better Clean Team’s exceptional bond cleaning services. As a special offer for tenants at the end of their lease, we’re providing a FREE, detailed quote tailored to your unique cleaning needs. Also as part of our comprehensive service, The Better Clean Team will prepare and send off a detailed report to your agent, further assisting in securing your bond return. Experience the care and attention to detail our team brings, and begin your journey towards a spotless, ready-to-handover property.

Bond Cleaning That’s Real Estate Agent Approved!

At The Better Clean Team, we stand behind the quality of our bond cleaning services with a unique promise: your satisfaction is our guarantee.

We are so confident in our team’s expertise and dedication that we make this promise to you – if you’re not completely happy with our clean, we will continue to work for free until you are!

We believe in the value of our services and the skills of our team. This guarantee is our commitment to you, ensuring that you can trust us to deliver a clean that meets your highest standards. With The Better Clean Team, you can rest assured that your satisfaction is our top priority.

Discover What’s Included in Our Comprehensive, FREE Quote

At The Better Clean Team, we’re committed to providing you with all the necessary information to make the best decision for your end-of-lease cleaning. Our FREE digital quote is not just a simple cost estimate—it’s a thorough evaluation of your unique bond cleaning needs. By filling out our online form, you enable us to create a custom bond cleaning plan that addresses your specific requirements, schedule, and budget. We aim to give you a complete understanding of the cost and how The Better Clean Team can assist in securing your bond return.

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Kickstart the process by completing our straightforward online form. This will help us gain a comprehensive understanding of your property and unique requirements.


BCT will Assess your Needs

Once we have received your request, our team will review the details you have provided. We’ll use this information to tailor a custom bond clean plan that aligns with your specific needs and expectations.


Receive Your Detailed Quote

Your quote will be sent directly to your inbox! It will outline the scope of our services and a detailed cost breakdown. With our transparent pricing and commitment to excellence, you can confidently take the first step towards a spotless, bond-ready property.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Get the Answers You Need Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaner

What does your bond cleaning service include?

Our bond cleaning service includes a comprehensive clean of your property, covering all rooms, surfaces, appliances, and fittings. We pay special attention to areas often scrutinised during property inspections, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Specific services can be tailored to your needs and will be outlined in our detailed quote.

How long does a bond clean take?

The duration of a bond clean can vary depending on the size and condition of the property. However, it’s typically more time-consuming than a standard clean due to its thoroughness. Once we assess your property, we can provide a more accurate time estimate in our detailed quote. There are over 1300 items we clean in the average bond clean

What if my property manager isn't satisfied with the clean?

We stand by the quality of our bond cleaning services and offer a satisfaction guarantee. If your property manager isn’t satisfied with the clean, we will return and rectify any issues at no additional cost until they are satisfied.

How much notice do you need to schedule a bond clean?

While we can sometimes accommodate last-minute bookings, we generally recommend scheduling your bond clean at least a week in advance. This allows us to ensure we can provide a team of cleaners at a time that suits you best.

Do I need to provide any cleaning equipment or supplies?

No, our team comes fully equipped with all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies. If there are any specific products you would like us to use, please let us know in advance.

What happens if something gets damaged during the clean?

While our team takes utmost care during the cleaning process, in the unlikely event that something gets damaged, we are fully insured and will handle any necessary repairs or replacements.

Ready for a Spotless End-of-Lease Property?

Request Your FREE Detailed Bond Cleaning Quote Now

Begin your journey towards a pristine, bond-ready property with The Better Clean Team’s superior bond cleaning services. Complete the form below, and we’ll review your details to create your personalised, detailed digital quote.